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In-store measuring

At STOMP KIDS SHOES our Trained Fitters have all completed a training program developed by podiatrists. This program aims to give our Trained Fitters up to date knowledge in regard to kids' feet and shoes and the best possible fitting skills.

Our Trained Fitter will measure your child's feet and then measure the inside of the shoe to ensure we find the best fit. This measurement allows for 12-17mm of growing room to allow for future movement and growth.

The growth room we recommend depends on the age of the child. At ages 0-2 we would recommend approximately 12mm of growing room, at 3+ 12-15mm and then at 11+ you may go to 17mm so long as the shoes have good support & padding around the heel area.

The fitter will check that the back of the shoe is shaped to support the heel and look at the overall fit to ensure there are no signs of creases in the tops of shoes; slipping as your child walks or excessive gaping. Our Trained Fitters will ensure your child gets the right shoe and fit for their feet.

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Measuring at home

We have discovered over the years that there is great variation between shoes sizes.  The variation happens both between different brands and also within brands.  So, to help you get the right size shoe for your child we have measured the inside length of every pair of shoes (yes, every pair - it took a long time!).

When ordering shoes please use the size chart on the shoe description page, just below the pictures.  If you are ordering more than one type of shoe, check the sizing for each pair as they are likely to be different.

Please have your child stand on a piece of paper on a hard, flat surface. Mark the longest points from heel to toe with a pen/pencil and measure the mm size with a ruler in a straight line (not diagonally). Do this for both feet as they often measure differently. Once you have the mm measurement of your child's feet, add 12-15mm to allow for growing room. For toddlers under 2 we would recommend 10-12mm to avoid them tripping up etc.

                                      mm length of foot   +   12 to 15mm growing room   =   the mm size you need for a shoe.

Picking up your on-line order from the store?

If you want to order on-line but collect your order  from the store, we are happy to check the shoe fitting to make sure that they fit your child correctly.  If the size you have ordered isn't the best for your child we can swap the shoe for another size (as long as it's in stock), or even another style of shoe.


The Plus12 ®

At STOMP KIDS SHOES we have teamed up with one of the most significant breakthough products in the industry, the Plus 12®. The developers of the Plus 12® undertook research of children's feet in Austria with alarming results. 69% of all children surveyed were wearing outdoor shoes that were too small. The variation is sizes between shoe brands resulted in only 3% of all shoes measured to be the correct size, i.e. shoes marked as size 30 were sometimes only a 26-29! To read more about the research and what the Plus12® is all about, click here.

Choosing the best

There is a lot of literature available regarding healthcare, fitting, different types of feet, what makes a good shoe, etc. Clarks, who are one of our key suppliers have been making shoes since the 1820's and have a very high reputation of making very good quality children's shoes offering great comfort & fit.

At STOMP KIDS SHOES we have adopted many of the good things that Clarks and other manufacturer's know about quality children's shoes and how to fit them.

It's not just about selling shoes, we want to ensure that STOMP KIDS SHOES is THE destination shop for all of your children's footwear needs, from birth through to teen years and beyond.

We take extra care to ensure that we stock the best quality shoes available, stock the right sizes and ensure that all staff are fully trained to not only find the best fitting shoes for your child but also give great service to children and parents alike. We have many customers that come back to STOMP KIDS SHOES time after time.

If you have any specific questions around children's feet in general or you have a specific enquiry then please feel free to drop us an email and we will reply as soon as we can.

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